Manufacturers since 1980

The Gnoato Company, founded in 1980 by Graziano, Franco and Giorgio is based in Cassola, Vicenza County, in the hearth of art furniture land. For over thirty years we manufacture high quality furniture, using natural materials such as walnut, oak and cherry wood, carefully chosen and crafted from thick layers of solid wood.

Particular attention is paid to the finishing of the furniture, polished with shellac and virgin beeswax, using the original traditional handicraft techniques of Bassano artisans, embellished with details and decorations in gold and silver leaf.

Our products are representing the Venetian tradition art, performing the best of 700 and 800 furniture, re-interpreted by our design studio, offering the possibility of choosing between single pieces, bookcases, wall panels, kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms. In recent times the company has added new collections, resulting from the tradition background but at the same time representing a turning point in the Company evolution: the creative technology combined with artisanal production.

Inspiring emotions without losing its own identity: trying to listen, understand, customize and carry out the wishes of the most demanding customers with creativity, sophistication and elegance that are never out of fashion, this is our Company mission.